Waiting for the weather to break with Row 7 seeds.

By the time March comes around in Ohio, Jodi and I are usually looking at real estate in Hawaii. The only thing that keeps us sane is looking through seed catalogs and planning our garden for the upcoming year. 

Jodi is in charge of starting all of our plants, something she does with great pride. And by pride I mean she's the kind of person that sings to them and tells them how pretty they are. Our days and weekends revolve around the plants. I can't knock her though, because our gardens are pretty killer.

7 Row Seeds | leavethesandwich.com #7rowseeds #garden #plants

She is always exploring seed companies and buying way too much from each one of them. This year, we were both pretty excited to hear that Dan Barber was a part of a new company called Row 7 seeds. Their seeds are bred for flavor and nutrition rather than yield or storability. If you don't know much about Dan Barber and you like food, you need to do your research. There was great interview with him recently about these seeds on The Splendid Table.

7 Row Seeds | leavethesandwich.com #7rowseeds #garden #plants

So we bought a few varieties from Row 7 this year on top of our normal lineup, including mine own Robin's Koginut Squash! (Yes, I said mine own. A good friend of mine's son said this when he was younger and it just stuck. "I'm keeping this whole cake for mine own!") 

We are patiently waiting for this terrible winter weather to be over so we can move these beauts outside. Stay tuned...

genrecreative-7182-garden2018.jpg7 Row Seeds | leavethesandwich.com #7rowseeds #garden #plants