Where I eat in Columbus

People always ask me where they should eat around Columbus. I thought I would make a list not only for those who are curious, but for myself because I get on kicks and forget about half of the places I love. This list is no authority or best of. It's simply where I have gone, loved and go back to frequently. 

I'll try to categorize these as best I can, but it will be broad and some don't really fit anywhere and I don't want 500 categories. Updated June 2019.


American (ISH)

India Oak
SUBS. That's what I say when I want to go to India Oak. Go on Monday for trivia and get an Italian Sub.

O'Reilly's Pub
Dive bar I used to hate, but now have an affinity for. They are known for their Pepper Burger, but I like the plain ole Cheeseburger. 

Pat and Gracie's
Solid sandwiches and salads. My favorites are the Salmon BLT and the Portabella Mushroom Stack.

Hot Chicken Takeover
I not only love this food, but I love the company. And don't go here and get cold chicken, the whole point is the spice people. I get Holy. 

You won't catch me at a lot of chains, but I should own stock in Roosters. We can fight about it all day, but I think their naked wings are the best in town. Why do people even bread wings anyway? 

The Eagle
Just get the chicken sandwich and thank me later. You don't even need sides because it's so big and has so much coleslaw on it you don't need anything else. 

I have a love/hate for this place for a lot of reasons I won't go into.  With that being said, I do meet friends here a lot. I can walk to it and the consistency and service make up for my qualms. 

The Top Steakhouse
Everything you want a steakhouse to be. Dark, stuck in the 50s, stiff drinks and a tableside caddy full of butter and sour cream. 

Cute spot in German Village. I found one of my favorite beers here, Brooklyn Brewery's Sorachi Ace. Ask for Andy, he will be your entertainment for the evening.

I don't know what it is lately, but all of the places I like to drink have now become all the places I like to eat. This distillery added a restaurant and it's my favorite place right now. Make a reservation. 

Service Bar
This is my close second for my favorite new restaurant and Jodi's first place winner. The team behind the kitchen has been involved in a lot of cool stuff around town over the years so it's no surprise. Try everything. 

Rockmill Tavern
One more watering hole-turned-restaurant. You couldn't rip me away from their chicken sandwich for awhile. While this is a place that I think charges way too much for everything ($19 for a burger and fries), the food is freaking good. 

Wolf's Ridge
Great food, great beer. 

Great vegetarian food. No really.

South Village Grill
A new add for me, but this place has been pretty great so far. Not so stuffy place with great food and drinks.

Kai's Crab Boil
It only took one trip to this place to add it to the list. I'm not even a huge seafood person and I know this will be a regular spot for me. 

Ambrose & Eve
Menu always changes so don’t get hooked on anything. Except the brussel sprouts.


Greek Salad all day.

One of Jodi's favorites because of the amazing vegetarian sides. 

My favorite rice, hummus and garlic sauce (Also known as toum).

If there was a brassica closer to me, I'd be there once a week. This is by far my favorite spot out of the Northstar group. Plus, Jodi's photos are all over the website, so check it out. 

Greek Express
Believe it or not, this is my favorite Tzatziki in town. I will stop here just for a side of it with pita. And maybe some fries. Don't tell Jodi. 


I only order General Tso's at one place and that's Moy's. Otherwise, try the Beef with String Bean and make sure to load it with the hot sauce that's on the table. 
Pork Katsu with Miso broth is my go-to ramen.

Sushi Ten
When I want sushi to go or when I don't want to pay for Akai Hana.

Hai Poke
The only Poke I eat in town other than my own. 

N.E. Chinese
My favorite find of 2017. I picked this up to go hang at Ace of Cups and it's now a bi-weekly or weekly stop for us. Get the Spicy Pork with Cilantro, Black Mushroom with Cabbage, Spicy Fried Chicken, Tofu Noodle Salad, actually get anything. There hasn't been anything I haven't liked yet. I take that back...don't order anything from the American side of the menu. 

Chinese Beef Noodle Soup
When we want comfort soup, we order this from Amazon. 

Helen's Asian Kitchen
Go here and try Helen's famous Xiao Long Bao or the Stir-fried Cauliflower.

Akai Hana
If we are going out for sushi, we are going to Akai Hana. Make a reservation on the weekends.

Filipino food. Check out their Kamayan dinners, which is the highlight of this place for me. It was both one of the most uncomfortable and fun experiences I have had in Columbus. 

GOGi Korean BBQ
A super fun place to go with friends. I always order too much and I don't care. 

My new favorite ramen. Great apps, too.


La Tavola
Not only is the owner one of the nicest guys ever, this is one of my favorite spots in all of Columbus. Everything is good and everyone is happy here.

Monte Carlo
This is the comfort food of my childhood. Don't expect any thrills, this is simple family style Italian food. Their Chicken Parmesan was my favorite food until I was about 25. 

Only go to the Short North location - the menu is better. This is my favorite happy hour with a good selection of food and drink for 50% off. Meatballs.


Skip El Vaquero and go here. I'll be in the corner booth eating Carnitas. 

Los Guachos Taqueria
Get the Gringas. If you go on Wednesday after 4pm, they are $2. 

Taco Nazo
One of the only taco trucks I go to. 

The best Margarita and Guacamole in town. People tell me others are better and I have yet to agree with any of you. 

Another chain I love. They make their sauces and tortillas from scratch. Their chips are those thin salty ones you just can't stop eating. Pair them with the Spicy Jalapeno Sauce.

El Arepazo
Cilantro Sauce.

Si Senor
Peruvian made from scratch sandwiches and sides. I get the Chicharron. 


(I don't eat a lot of Indian)

Our Indian take-out spot. 

New India
Cheap lunch buffet.


Great lunch special. I also love their Buffalo Cauliflower and the Butterscotch Budino. 

Underrated pizza place that supports local suppliers as much as possible. They also have some great happy hour and other daily specials.

Paulie Gee's
My number one pizza place. 

Coal-fired pizza and jazz. 

I think their pizzas are a bit undercooked, but their Calzones are one of my favorite things in life. Double red sauce.

Hound Dogs
Hound Dogs will always rule the pizza world for me. It's mostly sentimental, but their smoking joe's crust also has a lot to do with it. 

My sister actually turned me on to this place. She lived in NY for awhile and has been on the hunt for her favorite NYish pizza here forever. This is her favorite. 


Fox in the Snow
I hate how good this place is. Everyone probably already knows this, but order an Egg Sandwich and a Cinnamon Roll. 

South of Lane
Might be my favorite breakfast food in town, but the fight for a table keeps me away a lot. 

Wildflower Cafe
We are regulars here. Simple, good breakfast.

DK Diner

Flowers and Bread
Cute bakery at the end of my street. Great place to meet a friend or take a class.

The Angry Baker
My favorite Almond Croissant.

Dough Mama
I was a hater when this place first opened, but I have seen the light. 


One Line
The only place I ever order coffee drinks because they are true coffee masters. Cortado for me.

Luck Bros'
Jodi picked up everything she knows about roasting here. I benefit from that daily, so thank you.


Hoof Hearted
If you can get past the name, they have some of the most fun and unique beers around. Don't get hooked on any though, because they will probably never have it again.

As Jodi and I get more into sours, this place is becoming my favorite brewery. They also have rotating food vendors. Bring Isidora back!

Seventh Son
Our favorite beer people. They don't make a lot of the kind of beer I drink, but I just like it here so much I don't care. 

Land Grant
Just a solid beer lineup.

Ace of Cups
We hang here on Sundays fairly often, mostly to hang out with Zimmer. Or Gretchen, shit I don't know her name.


Pistacia Vera
I send their desserts to clients a lot because it's freaking good and fancy.

The best two bites of a cupcake you'll ever have. 

Sassafras Bakery
My favorite cookies.

As I get older, this is about the only ice cream that doesn't hurt my stomach. #granny